Karen O.

Diva at Large

Karen and Puddin just swingin'
Karen (right) with Puddin (left) on the infamous Rhubarb Manor swing

Another woman of letters, Karen is currently teaching high school English in Florida. Karen lived with Lockie at Rhubarb Manor in Atlanta. She took great care of Lockie and Zac and Simone and Melba and Rhubarb. (later the list grew to add Steve and Miro to the mix)

Prior to asking Karen to move in to Rhubarb, Lockie gave the home a thorough scrubbing. She proudly boasted to Karen that she had cleaned the home for her arrival, to which Karen replied. "Oh Honey, it's so cute that you think this is clean."

Karen is a writer, artist, estate manager, teacher, mentor, Diva and friend. Watch this page for info on her emerging book.

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